Brunch Hunt…One Loves at Media One

For most people in the world a Friday afternoon involves a lot of clock watching, counting down the minutes before the weekend begins. But in the UAE, where the weekend starts a day early, Friday brings with it the brunch culture.

When I first moved to Dubai and I heard people talking about “brunches” I imagined the kind of brunch you see on Gossip Girl- fancy food and sophisticated conversation. I was wrong. Brunching out here involves a 3 or 4 hour window of unlimited food and beverage at one of your favourite hotel restaurants. Imagine an all you can eat buffet, but on steroids.

With so many restaurants offering a variety of different brunch offers, I thought it necessary for me to search for the best brunch in Dubai….here starts the Brunch Hunt. 

My first port of call was THE DEK on 8 at Media One hotel. As soon as I walked in I was surrounded with colour. Vibrant chairs, heart shaped banners blowing in the wind, and Moet & Chandon free flowing- I felt like I had walked into a free love scene from the 60’s – now this was my kind of place!





We were lead over to our sofa area- I of course quickly parked myself on the bright pink chair, ready for some good food, drink and entertainment. And I wasn’t disappointed. As the Moet flowed we  were treated to a selection of bite sized goodies: from mini burgers and spring rolls to an assortment of delicious sushi. It’s an interesting concept for a brunch- being served sharing platters, opposed to the usual buffet style serve-yourself melee.








What I really loved about this brunch is the quirky misfit style entertainment that was organised. It began with a dancer, dressed as a tiger, who crawled around greeting the guests before engaging them in an impressive fire spinning display. Next, women in zorbing balls rolled around the deck and across the swimming pool as other dancers roller skated in between the tables.


I felt as though I was in some weird cirque de soleil improvisation, but it was very entertaining. My favourite act by far was the incredibly talented painter, who got the crowd going as he painted an amazing picture, whilst dancing and jumping to music. A fully trained dancer as well as an artist, he showed off with break dancing moves as he created his masterpiece which was later sold off to the guests.


The music wasn’t really my preference, but none the less by the end of the brunch I was up having a bit of a boogie!



This brunch is great if you are looking for something a little different with great entertainment. At 449 AED it isn’t cheap, but the unlimited Moet on ice definitely makes it worth it!