Down the coast we go!

Down the coast of Vietnam we headed. We were accompanied by our new friend Mark, or “Marky Mark” as I liked to call him after a few beers.

Hue was the next stop. The small town was absolutley lovely. You could stroll along the river, meandering in and out of the small parks or head across the bridge to check out the historic Citadel and war museum. We went across on a particularly hot day and came back a little rouge and very thirsty. A leaflet left in the hotel reception directed us to a popular bar called “Brown Eyes”. Here the three of us were surprised not only by how cheap the drinks were, but also by the free shot that kept making their way into our hands. After my fifth gin & tonic and a good few games of Jenga I hit the dance floor with the others and raved away to old school drum and bass that the charismatic DJ was blasting out.

P1000589 (2)


The next day when we should have been burying our sorry heads in the pillow, we instead had to drag ourselves out of bed for a boat trip we had booked. The 7am start followed by a gently rocking boat is not what I needed and I spent the whole tour trying to keep down the small bite of breakfast I had managed before we boarded. Not very cultured.

Further down the coast we arrived in Hoi An. Definitely my favourite place out of those we had visited so far.It is the main tailoring town so beautiful dresses, suits and shoes were displayed down every street. It was also nicknamed “The city of lanterns”  and the main bridge along with the surrounding shops and restaurants were covered in Vietnamese lanterns of all shapes and sizes.

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Hoi An had everything we could want: great scenery, great people, great food and one questionably great nightclub. Skeptically named “Why Not Bar” we lost many hours of our lives in there. Staggering onto the streets at 5.30am with the birds singing and then clambering onto our push bikes to try and wobble home was an amusing sight. It was made more so by the fact that Ed had a crazy Catalan on the back of his bike. We lost Mark that night too. He was later found playing badminton at 8am with a group of locals.

It wasn’t all booze and parties though, we did hire mopeds and head out of the town to see the sights. Determined to have a moped of my own but never having ridden one, I did a mini test drive before we set off. It was quickly decided that I had to sit on the back of Ed’s bike for health and safety reasons. Heading off in convey with another Australian guy joining us, we visited the beautiful Marble Mountain and also My Son (another historic sight). Well, we never actually made it to My Son. Mark was the designated group leader  and we quickly nicknamed him “Captain Sensible” as it took us over 3 hours to complete a 90 minute journey. By this point the sun had started to set and we had to turn round and come home. Well done Marky.

Anyone who knows me will know that I have a boarder line addiction to Mexican food. When I spotted a small restaurant advertising fajitas on the river bank in Hoi An, I was in there like a shot. Fajitas have never tasted so good!!!! It set me up for another few weeks of noodles and rice!

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