Review: The Caveman Regime

Now as most of you know, I am currently trotting around the world with an unnecessarily large backpack on my back. What I have discovered is that skincare and travelling do not go together! I started my journey with a large bottle of my usual Dermalogica face wash, moisturiser and exfoliator with the full intention of maintaining my strict regime, even when I was in bug infested hotel rooms. After a few months the copious amounts of toiletries began to annoy me, and my skin wasn’t even looking that good!


Frustrated I spent an afternoon trawling the internet for a solution. I came across a lot of sights that talked about “The Caveman Regime” which caught my attention. The basic idea behind the regime is that you no longer use face washes/ moisturizers and you go au naturale.

The Science:

We’ve all heard that our bodies are set at a certain PH level- there are numerous diets to help us eat the right foods to maintain a balanced PH, but nobody thinks about the skin. The reality is that our skin’s acid mantle which protects us from bad bacteria also has a PH of 5.5 which is slightly acidic. From the time we were teenagers, surrounded by the “Acne Hype” we have been using every kind of lotion and potion to keep spots at bay. What we have actually been doing is stripping away this acid mantle and changing the PH which allows bacteria to grow.

So what to do? Well, nothing! That is what the Caveman Regime suggests. You stop the cleanse, tone and moisturize mantra that has been drummed into us and let nature do it’s thing. As a beautician it goes against everything I have been taught, but I thought I would give it a try.

Three weeks in and I cannot believe the difference, My skin is clear and no longer dry and in desperate need of moisturizer. It was a little tough getting to this point- the first week my skin was dry and flaky, but I persevered and now have the skin I have always wanted.

I can hardly believe I spent so much money on expensive skincare for 10 years and all I needed was a little water.


How to do the Caveman Regime:

The hardcore Cavemen followers do not let anything touch their face. That means no face washes, moisturizers, face masks, spot treatments or even water! I wasn’t quite that dedicated so I opted for the water option, using a flannel and water to gently wash away any dirt. The flannel offered a light exfoliation which removed the dry skin that appeared during the first week as my skin settled into it’s natural routine. As I am away travelling, I needed to use sunscreen to protect my face so I selected a sun sensitive option from Simple and made sure I removed it as soon as I was out of the sun.

I’m not saying this regime will work for everyone, but it has for me. Now I wake up each morning and do a double take in the mirror at the complexion looking back at me!