Meeting the Black Hmong and Red Dao Tribes

An overnight train took us to the north of Vietnam, to a small highland town called Sapa, home to the traditional Black Hmong and Red Dao tribal villages. With the ambience of a… Continue reading

Make it yourself: Cà Phê Trung- Vietnamese traditional egg coffee

Coffee is a huge part of Vietnamese life. Whether it is empires like Starbucks, or a small streetl cafe with plastic chairs, locals love to start and end their day with a coffee.… Continue reading

Halong Bay and Mr Monkey

Joining the Amazon rainforest, Iguazu Falls, Jeju Island, Komodo, Pueto Princesa Underground River and Table Mountain, Halong Bay makes up the Seventh Natural Wonder of the world. After a 4 hour bus journey… Continue reading

The adventure begins…Hello Hanoi!

Kicking off my long awaited travel tour, I headed to Vietnam, which I had been told housed some of the most stunning scenery, idyllic beaches and lively cities in the world. For the… Continue reading

Brunch Hunt…One Loves at Media One

For most people in the world a Friday afternoon involves a lot of clock watching, counting down the minutes before the weekend begins. But in the UAE, where the weekend starts a day… Continue reading